Rent our space

We love our customers and we love hosting your events and parties.

We offer meeting and event space in our first floor “tree space”, and our second floor “tigers” and “teepee” rooms. The spaces are available during shop hours and can be booked privately.

The tree space

Can accommodate up to 25 seated in the main room, and a further 9 seated on sofas and arm chairs in the relax room. This space works well for coffee mornings, lunches, brunches, book clubs, craft fairs, birthday parties, baby showers. . .

The tiger room

Can accommodate a table of 8 or seated rows of 12 people. Good for meetings, presentations, yoga classes or to spread across from the teepee room.

The teepee room

Has space for a table of 8 or seated rows of 12 people, and a grassed balcony area with room to eat, drink or play.


Choose between our sensational food and drink packages.

If you have specific ideas or a concrete budget, call us and we will make an offer that fits your needs.